SLX10™ Extension Arms

This Heavy-Duty Aluminum Extension Arm Kit allows you to push the SLX10 Boat Port away from the dock allowing you to put a longer boat on the Port without the bow of the boat overhanging the dock.

The 122 cm – 228,5 cm Extension Arm Kit is suggested for those that prefer a 2-Piece Boat Port Assembly.

Available Extension Arm Kits:
61 cm – 106,5 cm Length
122 cm – 228,5 cm Length

2 HD Aluminum Extension Arms

Note: Extension Arm Kits work in conjunction with the following Boat Port Connection Kits:

#301329 SLX10-to-Floating Dock Kit (Sold Separately)
#301346 SLX10-to-Wave Dock Kit (Sold Separately)

Warranty Period: 2 Years

Dette produktet er for tiden utsolgt og utilgjengelig.

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Vekt I/A
Extension Arms

24-42 Inch, 48-90 Inch