152,5 cm Half Round End Cap

Utilize our Half Round Endcaps to place at the end of your Wave Dock section to provide an aesthetically pleasing “finished” look to your Wave Dock System. Half Round Endcaps feature a molded-in mounting pocket that accepts different size Pipe Sleeves to fit mooring pipes of your choice.


  • Rotationally Molded, UV Protected Polyethylene
  • Foam-Filled Interior
  • Flagstone Textured Surfaces (to match Wave Dock Sections)
  • Molded-In Mounting Pocket (fits Wave Armor Pipe Sleeves)
  • Molded-In H-Beams (connects to Wave Dock H-Beam Channels)
  • Dimensions: 101.5 cm Wide by 152,5 cm Long
  • Available Color:  Pebble Beach

Includes: 1 x 152,5 cm Half Round End Cap

Warranty Period: 10 Years

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Vekt 110 lb
Dimensjoner 40 × 60 × 16 in